Kiss everlasting French manicure.


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I am normally not one to use at home glue-on nails. I have always had a negative outlook with products of the sort. However, after my first application, I was hooked! The application was extremely easy and it came with everything I needed. It says they last up to seven days but they actually last longer. The directions on the back highly encourage you take the nails off after the seventh day. Of course I disregarded it completely. My Kiss nails lasted nine days in total. I did have one pop off a day after the application. But I snagged it on a Rubbermaid bin doing some garage cleaning. I just glued the same nail back on. Lol. I am honestly impressed with Kiss everlasting French manicure. It lasted a long time with no chipping even with showering and all the household chores that I do. They look real too.


So here is the break down:

Long lasting
Easy to apply
Many options to choose from
No artificial look
Price is at $6 at Walmart
Everything you need comes with it

You also pay for the nails that you don’t wear

Here are a couple of things I did that I think helped the nails to last longer.
– I filed off the top layer of nail so the glue would adhere better (Note: this does damage your nail.)
– After I filed my nails, I washed my hands to remove the nail dust and oil
– I wipe my nails down with alcohol
– I used a little more glue than recommended

I do recommended this product as a quick fix or a cheaper option than going to a nail salon. I liked this one so much, I purchased another one before the others came off.

I did receive this product complimentary through Influenster for testing and reviewing purposes. All though the product was given to me, my thoughts are my own.

Thank you for stopping by. Tell me what your thoughts are and what did you like or dislike about Kiss everlasting French manicure?